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Act 2 - Notes 3


Saturday, February 23, 2013



—(2334) JOHN. COOKIES. NOW.—

No cookies for John.



Well xD Poor fella



Yes, Mayor. Work on your manners.



John simply isn’t having it.


—(2338) FOR THE LAST TIME I COMMAnd you to get the cookies boy—



—(2339) Years in the future… —

Suddenly, noms! :D


—(2340) ==>—

More Walkthroughs with Rose :3


—(2341) Months in the past, but not many…—

Snooow~! :D


—(2342) ==>—

Hehehe :3 How it aaaall began~


—(2343) Dave: Get katana. —


—(3244) [S] Dave: Retrieve dead bird.—

Yup. And gone bird is gone…


—(3245) Dave: Exit your room, and go into the living room.—


—(2346) Dave: Hastily enter the room with wild abandon.—



—(2347) ==>—


—(2348) Dave: Pity da fool. —

I just… Diiiirk. And you don’t want to be like that, Dave. You really don’t.


—(2349) Dave: Find Lil’ Cal and give fistbumps.—

No Cal. And… yeah…


—(2350) Dave: Play a game on the Xbox.—

A.k.a. something’s up.


—(2351) ==>—

There he iiis.


—(2352) Dave: Resist great urge to play Bro’s Xbox. —

Who could resist the urge? xD


—(2353) Dave: Give Lil’ Cal a bro fistbump.—

Bump! :3


—(2354) ==>—

That’s actually kind of cute :3


—(2355) Dave: Check out your BRO’s sweet gear. —



—(2356) Dave: Look at your brother’s computer. —

Just… xD And I am curious… xD


—(2357) ==>—

I don’t understand his background… and maybe no one should try looking into his stuff…


—(2358) Dave: Open Complete Bullshit.—

This is, Dave. This is.


—(2359) Dave: Check if Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff has a sweet update.—


—(2360) Dave: Mouse over the orange stripe containing PlushRump. —

I just… that design xD


—(2361) Dave: Stop wasting time and look for Bro’s beta.—

Poor dave…


—(2362) ==>—

Suddenly Cal.


—(2363) ==>—



—(2364) Dave: Give Lil Cal a nervous fist bump. —



—(2365) ==>—

Mhmmmm. Poor Dave.


—(2366) Dave: Pester John to ease your nerves. —

Busy being John, that’s what he’s up to.


—(2367) ==>—



—(2368) ==>—

Oh, rose…


—(2369) Dave: Pester Rose.—

Ectosibling chats :3


—(2370) Seconds in the future, but not many… —

Rose tries so hard…


—(2371) Rose: Deploy the Punch Designix. —

Getting stuff done. :D


—(2372) ==>—

John ain’t gonna have this. Not in his house.


—(2373) ==>—

Betty Crocker happened, John.


—(2374) John: Rebuild the claw hammer and return it to specibus.—

John is getting better at this very quicklky, too :0 Go John! :D


—(2375) John: Confront Pogo Ride to prepare yourself for Nanna.—

John has HAD IT with this nonsense. Time to… well, play the game.


—(2376) [S] ==>—

I’m not very good at this xDl


—(2377) Rose: Drop something heavy on one of those imps.—



—(2378) ==>—

Poor John. 3: And now to try some teamwork :0


—(2379) Rose: Use pogo ride to fling grist through window.—

Not the best pogo for that…


—(2380) ==>—

That works, though :3


—(2381) Rose: Drop pogo ride in John’s bathroom.—

It worked! :D


—(2382) John: Get grist.—

There we gooo :D


—(2383) Piano: Level up for slaying the imp.—

It tried


—(2384) Rose: It’s time to build. —



—(2385) ==>—

Hehehehehe :3


—(2386) Rose: Use build grist to construct observation tower on roof —

Slowly but surely :3


—(2387) John: Check cabinets for imps or useful items. —

All the Shaving Cream, all of it.


—(2388) John: Bring 2 cans of shaving cream.—

There goes that.


—(2389) John: Ride pogo ride.—


—(2390) ==>—

The circle of stupidity.


—(2391) Rose: Check up on Nannaquin, see what’s cookin’! —

All the yummy cookies. All of them! :3


—(2392) ==>—

Not on Nanna’s watch!


—(2393) John: Make your way to the study. —



—(2394) ==>—



—(2395) John: Ride Slimer pogo and one-up that imp.—

Ready for battle!


—(2396) John: Ride your steed to victory.—



—(2397) ==>—



—(2398) John: Flip the fuck out. —



—(2399) ==>—

Yup, he’s down.


—(2400) mister john, respectfully ask that you please stand up. —

Polite Mayor is polite :3 Silly tomfoolery x3


—(2401) now sir boy, flee from this boorish rabble post haste.—

He is OUT xD


—(2402) ==>—

Blockade! >:3


—(2403) Refrigerator: Level up for slaying the imp. —

Five whole stars! :D


—(2404) well done, john. polite congratulations.—

It’s like they both grew up… sort of… And… that imp xD


—(2405) now my civil fellow, i have a well mannered query to ask—

Hmmm? Poor derpy John xD


—(2406) Rose: Drop something heavy on one of those imps.—

Boop! :D There it goes!


—(2407) john might i bother you for a can opener?—

Cannot get into the kitchen, no.


—(2408) ==>—

He’s figuring out how to get a can opener.


—(2409) Years in the future… —

Om nom nom :3


—(2410) ==>—

Screenshots :0